Terms and conditions

These Conditions of Sale and Use govern the entirety of distance selling retail activities MOIRA SARL – ANNA Kaszer, limited company under French law with capital of 7 622,45 euro, registered with the Trade Registry and Companies Paris ( France ) under number 381 149 830 00030 , whose registered office is 15 place des Vosges, 75004 Paris ( France ), represented by Anna Kaszer as manager.
The Terms and Conditions govern notwithstanding any unilateral provision or reserve, while any connection between ANNA KASZER and:

– each of its prospects and consumer customers using the site as defined below , especially on the occasion of any distance selling of any product Kaszer Anna ,
– Any user of the site whose URL address is www.annakaszer.com, including any user accessing the site for any reason or for any reason whatsoever.

These general conditions of sale are governed by French law, unless otherwise mandatory provisions as under the Rome Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations of June 19, 1980.
The web site annakaszer.com will The Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice, the client is asked to read them carefully before each order and the user at each visit.

1) The Customer :

· To be a customer of the Site you must be a consumer, of legal age and with full legal capacity.
· Customers must, upon placing their first order on the Site, open a customer account and complete an order form containing certain mandatory fields in order for their product order to be processed by Anna Kaszer.
· The information you give to Anna Kaszer when opening your customer account or upon any order you may place must be complete, accurate and up to date. We may, if applicable, ask you to confirm – by any means – your identity and the information given.
· Anna Kaszer collects personal data on the Site. Such data is required for processing orders and may be communicated, in whole or in part, to our service providers involved in fulfilling the order.

2) Products :

· The products offered for sale are those featured on the Site. Anna Kaszer makes every effort to accurately present and describe the products, subject to technical constraints and in accordance with the highest standards on the market. It is, however, possible that the Site may contain minor errors, which you recognize and accept. In the event of any non-compliance of the product delivered with its description on the Site, Anna Kaszer agrees to remedy such non-compliance: you may either exercise your right of cancellation, or else implement our warranty of merchantability.
· If the products ordered are no longer available, Anna Kaszer will inform the client by e-mail as promptly as possible and one equivalent model will be proposed.
. The printed canvas which constitutes our summer bags, is a material which wears out naturally. This one can show himself in the change of the color or the appearance of the small irregularities in the weft.

3) Order products :

· The steps :
The acceptance of orders placed on the Site is subject to compliance with the procedure set up by Anna Kaszer. This takes the form of a series of succeeding screen pages indicating the steps to be taken by customers to validate their order.
You will have the possibility, before final validation of your order, to verify your order details and the total price, and to correct any possible errors, before confirming it and expressing your acceptance.
· Verification of the order :
Anna Kaszer are entitled to refuse any order made by a customer with whom a dispute exists in connection with the payment of a former order as well as any order that is not compliant with these general terms of sale.
In such cases, Anna Kaszer will inform the customer by phone or by e-mail. Unless the customer contacts us to correct the error or the non-compliance with these general terms of sale, we reserve the right not to process the order.
· Order confirmation
Once you have validated your order, Anna Kaszer will promptly confirm receipt by sending you an e-mail to the address provided to us. In that aim, you formally accept the use of e-mail by Anna Kaszer to confirm the content of your order.

This confirmation e-mail will include all of the information provided by you, as well as the accepted price and terms of payment with an indication, as the case may be, of any possible difficulties or reservations in respect of the order. For each product, you will also receive, upon delivery, written confirmation of the price paid and of the shipping costs applicable to you.
However, for orders placed on the Site, it is recommended that you also keep a copy (in electronic format and/or in paper format) of the details in connection with your order (for example, the confirmation e-mail sent by Anna Kaszer).

4) Price and payment conditions :

· The prices displayed on the Site are in Euros, VAT included, shipping excluded.
The prices invoiced to customers are those applicable on the date of the order.
Customers are solely liable and accept liability for the payment of any such costs for the entry of the products ordered into the territory of delivery.
· Payment of the total price of the products and shipping costs may be made by credit card. For payments by credit card, the customer must be the holder of the credit card used, access a dedicated space made available by a banking establishment which ensures the security and recording of the payment order.
Payments by check are not accepted.
· Customers are informed that, out of a concern with fighting Internet fraud, a check will be carried out with the competent banks and credit card companies via the Ogone S.A. system. Ogone S.A. is in charge of the storage and automated processing of information for all orders, including credit card details, in a secure environment. With respect to any data processing operations carried out by Ogone S.A., customers may exercise their right to access, modify, correct, oppose and delete personal data concerning them by sending a letter, accompanied by proof of their identity, to: Ogone SAS, 5 rue de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris, France.
· FIA-NET S.A., the company in charge of analyzing orders and fighting against credit card fraud, also collects personal data on customers. Any bill that is unpaid due to fraudulent use of a credit card or similar payment mechanism will result in personal data in connection with the corresponding unpaid order being recorded in a “payment incident” file implemented by FIA-NET S.A. In this same context, any communication by a customer of incorrect information or any anomaly identified in the order may also be the subject of special processing by FIA-NET S.A. For data processing operations carried out by FIA-NET S.A., customers may exercise their right to access, modify, correct, oppose and delete personal data concerning them by sending a letter, accompanied by proof of their identity, to: FIA-NET S.A., Service informatique et libertés, traitements n°773061 et n°1080905, 15 rue du faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris.
If, for whatsoever reason (opposition, refusal by the issuing center, etc.), it is not possible to debit the amounts owed by you, your order will not be registered by Anna Kaszer.

5) Delivery :

· Anna Kaszer will make delivery to the address you give in your order, it being specified that this must be your place of residence or that of any other individual of your choice residing in one of the following territories: metropolitan France, French overseas territories and departments (DOM-TOMs), United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, United Arab Emirates,Roumania, Dubai . Deliveries will not be made to hotels or PO boxes.
· You will be able to monitor your packages using a tracking number that will be e-mailed to you when your order ships out. For the countries listed above that are outside the European Union, you are responsible for payment of all customs duties, taxes and other official charges as well as the costs of carrying out the customs formalities required based on the import of products into the country where delivery is requested.
· A signature can be required upon the delivery of any packages.
· In the territories listed above, deliveries will be made within a maximum of five (5) business days from the placing of the order. To ensure these lead times can be met, you should check that you have provided complete and accurate information concerning the delivery address (such as, inter alia, road number, building number, staircase number, access codes, names and/or interphone numbers, etc.). Inaccurate information may result in longer delivery times or re-shipments. In the territories listed above outside the European Union, it is recalled that delivery may be delayed for so long as customs formalities and duties have not been carried out or paid by you, and you agree to this.

6) Right of cancellation during cooling-off period :

We guarantee the quality and good condition of all the items we send.
We do not practice the return of goods unless otherwise agreed. However, according to L.121-20 and following of the Consumer Code, you have a period of 14 working days from the delivery date of your order to return any item does not suit you and ask refund.
In all cases, the return postage are your responsibility.
If you wish to cancel your order received all or some (s) Article (s), please make your request by mail: annakaszer.net@gmail.com
Upon receipt of your mail, we will contact you to arrange return.
Once the approved package, we will check compliance / product (s) returned (s) (undamaged and unopened) for the final acceptance of the refund.
Refunds will be made via the payment method used when purchasing.
Upon receipt of returned products, Anna Kaszer will reimburse within 14 days.
The replacement of any item damaged during transportation can be made on presentation of photos from the Colissimo label with the tracking number, the damaged item and the package with the content.
The return request is a prerequisite to the acceptance and reimbursement of products returned within 14 business days of receipt. Only the customer who placed the order has the power to exercise the right of withdrawal.
For complaints about the quality of an item please email us using the contact form, specifying his information: your contact information, the reason for the claim, the date and place of purchase.

7) Warranties :

· Merchantability :
Customers are invited to ensure that the products delivered to them correspond to their order. Any duly justified non-compliance of a product with its order should be notified to Anna Kaszer by any means, such as by logging “Contact Us” section of the Site, before being sent back to us in perfect condition and complete (accessories, notice, warranty etc) and accompanied by a copy of the documents attached to the order, to the following address: Anna Kaszer – 16 rue de Turenne – 75004 PARIS (France).
· Statutory warranties :
Regardless of any specific warranty terms extended to customers with the product delivered, all Anna Kaszer products sold on the Site are subject to the following statutory warranties:

Article L.211-4 of the French Consumer Code: “The vendor is required to deliver a product that complies with the contract and shall be liable for any non-compliances existing upon delivery. The vendor shall also be liable for non-compliances resulting from the packaging, the assembly or installation instructions where the vendor is liable under the contract for assembly/installation or where it was carried out under the vendor’s responsibility.”

Article L.211-5 of the French Consumer Code: “To comply with the contract, the product must: 1. Be fit for the use normally expected of an item of its type and, where appropriate: correspond to the description given by the vendor and have all the qualities presented to the purchaser by the vendor in the form of a sample or model; have the qualities that a purchaser can legitimately expect given the public statements made by the vendor, producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labeling; or 2. Have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be fit for all special uses sought by the purchaser which the vendor was made aware of and accepted.”

Article L.211-12 of the French Consumer Code: “Legal action based on non-compliance is time-barred two years after the delivery of the product.”

Article L.211-13 of the French Consumer Code: “The provisions of this section do not deprive the purchaser of the right to bring an action on account of redhibitory defects as provided for in Articles 1641 through 1649 of the Civil Code or any other action of a contractual or extracontractual nature to which the purchaser is entitled under the law.”

Article 1641 of the Civil Code: “The vendor is subject to the warranty against hidden defects in the sold product rendering it unfit for its intended use, or which so impair such use that the purchaser would not have bought it or would have paid a lower price, had the purchaser been aware of the defect(s)”.

Article 1648 (1) of the Civil Code: “The action based on redhibitory defects must be brought by the purchaser within a period of two years following discovery of the defect.”

8) Signature et preuves :

Dans tous les cas, la fourniture en ligne du numéro de carte bancaire et la validation finale de la commande vaudront preuve de l’intégralité de la dite commande conformément aux dispositions de la loi du 13 mars 2000 et vaudront exigibilité des sommes engagées par la saisie des articles figurant sur le bon de commande.
Cette validation vaut signature et acception expresse de toutes les opérations effectuées sur le site.
· Propriété intellectuelle :
Tous les éléments du site Anna Kaszer, qu’ils soient visuels ou sonores, y compris la technologie sous-jacente, sont protégés par le droit d’auteur, de la marque ou des brevets.
Ainsi, aucun des documents provenant du site Anna Kaszer ne peut être copié, reproduit, republié, téléchargé, posté, transmis ou distribué d’aucune manière que ce soit, sauf dans les conditions suivantes : il est possible de télécharger une copie des documents sur un ordinateur pour votre utilisation personnelle et uniquement à des fins non commerciales, pourvu que vous ne modifiez pas les informations et que vous conserviez intacts tous les copyrights et autres mentions de propriété. La modification de ces documents ou leur utilisation dans un autre but constitue une infraction au droit de propriété intellectuelle d’Anna Kaszer.
L’utilisateur qui dispose d’un site Internet à titre personnel et qui désire placer, pour un usage personnel, sur son site un lien simple renvoyant directement au home page du site Anna Kaszer, doit obligatoirement en demander l’autorisation à la société Anna Kaszer. Il ne s’agira pas en aucun cas d’une convention implicite d’affiliation.
En revanche, tout lien hypertexte renvoyant au site de Anna Kaszer et utilisant la technique du framing ou du in-line linking est formellement interdit.
Dans tous les cas, tout lien, devra être retiré sur simple demande de la société Anna Kaszer.
La marque, logos, dessins et modèles figurant sur ce site sont la propriété exclusive d’Anna Kaszer. Leur divulgation ne saurait en aucun cas être interprétée comme accordant une licence ou un droit d’utilisation quelconque des dites marques et éléments distinctifs protégés par le droit d’auteur. Ils ne peuvent donc être utilisés sous peine de contrefaçon.

· Intégralité :
Dans l’hypothèse où l’une des clauses du présent contrat serait nulle et non avenue par un changement de législation, de réglementation ou par une décision de justice, cela ne saurait en aucun cas affecter la validité et le respect des présentes conditions générales de vente.
· Propriété intellectuelle :
Les présentes conditions s’appliquent pendant toute la durée de mise en ligne des services offerts par la société Anna Kaszer.
· Preuve, conservation et archivages des transactions :
Les registres informatisés, conservés dans les systèmes informatiques de la société Anna Kaszer dans des conditions raisonnables de sécurité, seront considérés comme des preuves des communications, des commandes et des paiements intervenus entre les parties.
L’archivage des bons de commande et des factures est effectué sur un support fiable et durable de manière à correspondre à une copie fidèle et durable conformément à l’article 1348 du code civil
· Loi applicable et compétence :
Les présentes conditions sont soumises à la loi française. Le tribunal compétent en cas de litige sera celui du lieu de domicile du défendeur ou, au choix du demandeur, du lieu de livraison effective du produit
Ce site est conforme à la législation française, et en aucun cas, Anna Kaszer ne donne de garantie de conformité à la législation locale qui vous serait applicable, dès lors que vous accédez au site à partir d’autres pays.